The Best Writing Advice

People often ask me what some of the best writing advice I’ve gotten from the 300 interviews on Author Stories. I’ve heard lots of stories from lots of writers, and everybody’s journey is a little different. Some people are pantsers, some plotters. Some people write full time, some as a hobby, while others are pursuing a writing career while juggling family and a full time job. Some people swear by Scrivener, some MS Word, while others rely on the trusty legal pad and fountain pen.

Writers tend to geek out over tools and productivity tips, and I am one of those people, but after talking with authors for four years, there is one piece of advice that you need to know, and honestly it trumps all others. Writers write. Talking about writing is wonderful and motivating. Planning to write is important. Preparing your space is a good idea. But don’t get so preoccupied with the trappings of writing that you don’t actually sit down and report on the characters in your head.

The single best productivity tip for becoming an accomplished author is to put your butt in the chair and write. A few pages a day will result in a couple of novels a year, or a whole hand full of short stories or novellas.

This is as much for me and for anyone else. My commitment this year is to write like I never have before. Most writers don’t lack for story ideas, they lack the discipline to show up every day and do the work. So here’s me reporting for duty. How about you?

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