The Weston Files

The Weston Files

weston filesA couple of months ago, I wrote and released a short story called Writer’s Block. I wrote it as a sort of palette cleanser between projects.

I have a folder that is full of story ideas. I have tons of Word documents, some consisting of only one or two sentences.

I was looking through the file one day and came across one that had just two sentences, but when I reread those two sentences, the story unfolded in front of me.

I started typing and a few days later Writer’s Block was fully formed. I published it on Amazon, and got more feedback on this story than anything else I had written. I sent it to my friend Nick Cole, and Nick kindly blurbed the story.

Nick said, “Garner deftly hits all the right notes in this sweet take on the genie in a “bottle”.  Pastoral, energetic and well done.  I recommend this little break if you need a reminder that not everyone is greedy and out for themselves.  Bravo!”

People started asking if there was more to Stu Remington’s story. In my mind there was, but I wasn’t sure if people Writer's Block by Hank Garnerwould want to know more. I kept getting messages from readers asking, so I started thinking about how to tell the rest of Stu’s story.

I just finished the follow up to Writer’s Block and I’m happy to say that it is the second of six installment of The Weston Files. The next installments will come much quicker than the time between part one and part two, and I hope you’ll join me along the way.

If you haven’t picked up part one, Writer’s Block, you can get it for your Kindle, or use the Kindle app on nearly any device. It’s only 99 cents.


P.S. if you’d like to read more about the mythology of Weston, and why strange things tend to happen there, pick up my story Keena’s Lament featured in the anthology Tails of the Apocalypse. Through the end of the year we are donating $1 of every purchase of Tails to Pets for Vets, an organization we can all get behind.

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