What Motivates Your Characters? Write A Novel With Dabble In 60 Days Week Four Check-in | SCC 54

Welcome to the Story Craft Café Podcast. If you’re just joining us for the first time, we kicked off a challenge a couple of weeks ago to Write A Novel With Dabble In 60 Days. This challenge encompasses the yearly NaNoWriMo Challenge, while also adding a planning month to the mix. Five writers are going through the process of developing an idea, making a fully formed plot and plan, then executing the writing of a first draft in 60 days.

As we prepare for NaNoWriMo, and the month where we finish planning our books and get to the drafting, we talked about the final piece of our planning character motivation. You can have a great setting, develop characters that are unique, but what drives them to do what they do? What do your characters really want in life, and how do you as the writer make their journey more difficult? Listen in today as we discuss this.

Be sure to join us at storycraft.cafe to join in the writer community that is flourishing there and find your tribe that will help you stay motivated during this event and beyond.

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