Write A Novel With Dabble In 60 Days

Do you have a story in you? Of course you do! For a lot of us, the hardest part of writing a novel is just getting started. Research shows us that having a support system ups our chances of success. While most of the writing life is a solitary experience, there is much to be gained from knowing that you have friends that are on the journey along with you.

We at Dabble love to write and want to demonstrate, in real time and in front of the world, what it looks like to go from idea to plan to first draft. That’s why we’re kicking off the “Write A Novel With Dabble In 60 Days” challenge.

If you find yourself in need of camaraderie, we’d love for you to join us as we work toward completing the challenge. We’d love to hear encouragement from you, and we’d love to send some of that encouragement back to you! With a band of friends and the ultimate writing tool at our fingertips, there’s nothing we can’t do together—and we’re going to prove it.

We’ll be planning weekly check-ins to share with each other, and those of you that embark on this journey with us. You’ll have a front-row seat for our successes and frustrations. You’ll see and hear how we are finding solutions to story problems that are hiding along the way and hold each other lovingly accountable throughout the process.

We believe so much in the power of Dabble to help writers see their dreams realized on the page, we’re going to put our keyboards into action. We hope you’ll join us!