I started the Author Stories Podcast in the fall of 2014 because I wanted to listen to authors tell their stories. Not just about the stories they’d written, but the stories of what made them who they are. I wanted to know what made creative people tick, and I am fascinated by the journey that people take to get to where they are.

I looked for a podcast that fit the bill and couldn’t find one, so I started the show that I wanted to listen to. The show I saw in my head would be something akin to Inside The Actors Studio, but for authors. I wanted to go deep and ask the kinds of questions that an author rarely gets asked. What I’ve found in nearly 1200 interviews is that the authors’ lives are more fascinating than the stories they tell. If you are a writer, I hope the collective wisdom from the centuries of combined writing experience is of help to you. If you’re a reader that wants to know more about your favorite storyteller, I hope you find new reasons to love them and their work even more.

I focus on authors from all backgrounds and genres, indie or trad-pub, but the main focus of the show is commercial, genre fiction. I love to listen to authors talk, and I believe that I have become a better writer by spending time learning about the craft from some of the best writers in the world.


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  1. Hank, I wrote to you several months ago to express my appreciation of your podcast. I have now listened to shows from 500 back to 359, have looked up many of the authors, and have been elated with the audiobooks I’ve heard (from the Los Angeles Public Library). I would just like to mention three – The Map Thief, The Secret Token (Roanoke Colony), and Death at Breakfast by Beth Gutcheon, which wasn’t the book you talked to her about, but I will get around to that. I have suggested your podcast and several of the books to family and friends, trying not to be pushy. And I’ve decided to write notes of appreciation to the writers. The Map Thief author sent me a lovely reply.

  2. Thoroughly enjoy your podcasts Hank. I listen on Spotify but wanted to pop over to your site and thank “the man himself”. You do a very good job interviewing authors. I write for a couple of hours and then walk for ninety minutes and listen – you give authors time to tell their stories. Thanks so much.

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