Hank’s Writing

Huck, a young man from Weston, Mississippi, sits alone in a diner, pondering the misery of his life. The weather is dreary, much like Huck’s life at the moment. An elderly gentleman joins him for a cup of coffee while riding out the storm. Huck’s life will never be the same. Bloom is the uplifting story of a young man’s struggle with life, a kindly old soul’s wisdom, and a love so powerful that even darkness cannot prevail in the lives of the willful.

Connor Mulligan is trying to escape what he sees as a less than stellar life when he finds himself eighty years in the past and possessing super-human powers. What Mulligan learns from his travels could hold the key to his future, and his survival.
Mulligan finds himself in three different periods in history and has to help make things right, for the people he encounters, and for himself. A tale of time travel and second chances, this is the first book in the Mulligan series.
Book one of the Mulligan Cycle.

Eight short stories by Hank Garner.
Weston is a place like every other small town you’ve ever been to, but in Weston the veil between this life and whatever is beyond it is a little bit thinner. Maybe it’s the intersection of Native American history, Creole Hoodoo, the infamous Crossroads, air saturated with the strains of African-American spirituals, Irish and Scottish folklore and myths brought down from Appalachia, or maybe it’s just something in the rich soil. Weston is different.
Eight stories of rural fantasy and speculative fiction, each with an introduction by the author.
Oliver Webber has a secret. In fact, his family have guarded this secret for generations. What he doesn’t know is that the ancient evil that his family has guarded against is on the verge of being unleashed, and Oliver is the only person on Earth that can stop it. People everywhere are disappearing, an evil madman is dead-set on ripping apart the very fabric of our existence, and a demon possessed Civil War general seeking revenge set the Mississippi Delta on the edge of annihilation. Oliver, along with his girlfriend, his dog, and a crazy conspiracy nut, fight against time and a secret death cult to locate a stolen artifact that could unleash the power of Hell itself.

The Pandora Codex mixes elements of supernatural thriller, magical realism, time travel, alternate history, and urban fantasy with a coming of age tale everyone can connect with.